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Sing 2 Full Movie Review by Telegramovies

In This Post, Telegramovies will give Information About Movie Sing 2. The audience will also get Information About Hero, Heroin (superstars) who played role in Movie Sing 2. So, You Guys can aware of Everything in the movie Sing 2.

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Sing 2 movie is based on Cartoons. Movie Sing 2 will be released by the date 22 December 2021.

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Trailer of Movie Sing 2

Sing 2 trailer 1 Watch Online

Sing 2 trailer 2 Watch Online


Sing 2 Release date

Country Release Date
USA 14 November 2021
Italy 26 November 2021
Portugal 1 December 2021
Hungary 2 December 2021
Israel 2 December 2021
United Arab Emirates 9 December 2021
Kuwait 9 December 2021
Lebanon 9 December 2021
Bulgaria 10 December 2021
Chile 16 December 2021
Greece 16 December 2021
Spain 18 December 2021
Serbia 18 December 2021
Saudi Arabia 19 December 2021
Canada 22 December 2021
Estonia 22 December 2021
Spain 22 December 2021
Finland 22 December 2021
France 22 December 2021
Indonesia 22 December 2021
Mexico 22 December 2021
Philippines 22 December 2021
Sweden 22 December 2021
USA 22 December 2021
Brazil 23 December 2021
Italy 23 December 2021
Kazakhstan 23 December 2021
Russia 23 December 2021
Singapore 23 December 2021
Slovakia 23 December 2021
Cameroon 24 December 2021
Sri Lanka 24 December 2021
Lithuania 24 December 2021
Latvia 24 December 2021
Norway 25 December 2021
Australia 26 December 2021
Iceland 26 December 2021
Peru 30 December 2021
Ukraine 30 December 2021
South Korea 5 January 2022
Poland 7 January 2022
Argentina 20 January 2022
Germany 20 January 2022
Turkey 21 January 2022
Netherlands 26 January 2022
UK 28 January 2022
Ireland 28 January 2022
Denmark 3 February 2022
Japan 28 March 2022

Sing 2 Movie Cast Details

Directed by 

  • Garth Jennings - (directed by)

Writing Credits  

  • Garth Jennings - (written by)

Runtime -1 hr 50 min (110 min)

Sound Mix - DTS (DTS: X) | Dolby Atmos (Dolby Atmos+Vision) | Auro 11.1 | Dolby Digital | Dolby Surround 7.1 | SDDS | Dolby Atmos

Aspect Ratio- 1.85 : 1

Laboratory - Company 3 (digital intermediate)

Printed Film Format - DCP Digital Cinema Package

Release Dates

  • USA -14 November 2021 (AFI Fest)
  • Italy 26 November 2021 (Torino Film Festival)
  • Portugal -1 December 2021
  • Hungary- 2 December 2021
  • Israel -2 December 2021
  • United Arab Emirates -9 December 2021
  • Kuwait -9 December 2021
  • Lebanon -9 December 2021
  • Bulgaria -10 December 2021
  • Chile -16 December 2021
  • Greece -16 December 2021
  • Spain -18 December 2021 (Madrid) (premiere)
  • Serbia -18 December 2021
  • Saudi Arabia -19 December 2021
  • Canada -22 December 2021
  • Estonia -22 December 2021
  • Spain -22 December 2021
  • Finland -22 December 2021
  • France -22 December 2021
  • Indonesia -22 December 2021
  • Mexico -22 December 2021
  • Philippines -22 December 2021
  • Sweden -22 December 2021
  • USA -22 December 2021
  • Brazil -23 December 2021
  • Italy -23 December 2021
  • Kazakhstan -23 December 2021
  • Russia -23 December 2021
  • Singapore -23 December 2021
  • Slovakia-23 December 2021
  • Cameroon -24 December 2021
  • Sri Lanka -24 December 2021
  • Lithuania -24 December 2021
  • Latvia -24 December 2021
  • Norway -25 December 2021
  • Australia -26 December 2021
  • Iceland -26 December 2021
  • Peru -30 December 2021
  • Ukraine -30 December 2021
  • South Korea -5 January 2022
  • Poland -7 January 2022
  • Argentina -20 January 2022
  • Germany -20 January 2022
  • Turkey -21 January 2022
  • Netherlands -26 January 2022
  • UK -28 January 2022
  • Ireland -28 January 2022
  • Denmark -3 February 2022
  • Japan -28 March 2022

Also Known As 

  • (original title) Sing 2
  • Argentina Sing 2: ¡Ven y canta de nuevo!
  • Australia Sing 2
  • Brazil Sing 2
  • Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Ела, изпей! 2
  • Canada (English title) Sing 2
  • Chile Sing 2: ¡Ven y Canta de Nuevo!
  • China (Mandarin title) 欢乐好声音2
  • Croatia Pjevajte s nama 2
  • Czechia Zpívej 2
  • Denmark Syng 2
  • France Tous en scène 2
  • Germany Sing - Die Show deines Lebens
  • Greece Τραγούδα 2
  • Hong Kong (Cantonese title) 星夢動物園2
  • Hungary Énekelj! 2.
  • India (Hindi title) सिंग 2
  • India (English title) Sing 2
  • Indonesia (English title) Sing 2
  • Israel (Hebrew title) Lashir 2
  • Italy Sing 2 - Sempre più forte
  • Japan (Japanese title) Sing/シング:ネクストステージ
  • Latvia Dziedi! 2
  • Lithuania Dainuok 2
  • Mexico Sing 2: ¡Ven Y Canta De Nuevo!
  • Netherlands Sing 2
  • New Zealand (English title) Sing 2
  • Norway Syng 2
  • Peru Sing 2: ¡Ven y canta de nuevo!
  • Philippines (English title) Sing 2
  • Poland Sing 2
  • Portugal Cantar! 2
  • Russia Зверопой 2
  • Serbia Pevajmo 2
  • Singapore (English title) Sing 2
  • Slovakia Spievaj 2
  • Slovenia Zapoj 2
  • South Korea 씽2게더
  • Spain ¡Canta! 2
  • Turkey (Turkish title) Şarkını Söyle 2
  • Ukraine Співай 2
  • United Arab Emirates Sing 2
  • UK Sing 2
  • USA Sing 2
  • USA (alternative title) Sing 2: Come Sing Again!
  • Vietnam Đấu Trường Âm Nhạc 2

Cast sing 2

  • Tori Kelly - Meena (voice)
  • Reese Witherspoon- Rosita (voice)
  • Taron Egerton - Johnny (voice)
  • Nick Kroll - Gunter (voice)
  • Matthew McConaughey - Buster Moon (voice)
  • Garth Jennings - Miss Crawly (voice)
  • Jennifer Saunders - Nana (voice)
  • Chelsea Peretti - Suki (voice)
  • Scarlett Johansson - Ash (voice)
  • Bobby Cannavale - Mr. Crystal (voice)
  • Nick Offerman - Norman (voice)
  • Adam Buxton - Klaus Kickenklober (voice)
  • Eric André - Darius (voice)
  • Halsey - Porsha Crystal (voice)
  • Letitia Wright - Nooshy (voice)
  • Bono - Clay Calloway (voice)
  • Pharrell Williams - Alfonso (voice)
  • Julia Davis - Linda Le Bon (voice)
  • Peter Serafinowicz - Big Daddy (voice)
  • Wes Anderson - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Jason Broad - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Doug Burch - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Cathy Cavadini - Additional Voice (voice) (as Catherine Cavadini)
  • Will Collyer - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Hudson D'Andrea - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Brian T. Delaney - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Remy Edgerly - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Aaron Fors - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Julianna Gamiz - Additional Voice (voice)
  • George Griffiths- Additional Voice (voice)
  • Isa Hall - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Aaron Hendry - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Barbara Iley - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Asa Jennings - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Caspar Jennings - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Louise Jennings - Additional Voice (voice)
  • JP Karliak - Additional Voice (voice)
  • John Kassir - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Katherine Kelloway- Additional Voice (voice)
  • Igor Khait - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Danny Mann - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Vida Alves McConaughhey - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Scott Mosier - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Levi Nunez - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Joy Poirel - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Adeline Krupinski Polidoro - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Noreen Reardon - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Chris Renaud - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Gary P. Rizzo - Additional Voice (voice) (as Gary Rizzo)
  • Jason Schwartzman - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Liza Seneca - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Ayden Soria - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Jack Stanton- Additional Voice (voice)
  • Fisher Stevens - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Tara Strong - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Regina Taufen - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Thomas Walters - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Colette Whitaker - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Debra Wilson - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Edgar Wright - Additional Voice (voice)
  • Nora Wyman - Additional Voice (voice)

Produced by 

  • Janet Healy - producer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
  • Dana Krupinski - executive producer
  • Christopher Meledandri - producer (as Chris Meledandri) (produced by) (p.g.a.)
  • Robert Taylor - associate producer
  • Nathalie Vancauwenberghe - co-producer

Music by 

  • Joby Talbot - (original score by)

Film Editing by 

  • Gregory Perler - (edited by)

Production Management 

  • Eileen Godoy - post-production supervisor
  • Steven Ligot - production supervisor: character effects
  • Anatole Mommeja - animation production supervisor
  • Joy Poirel - Additional Production Supervisor
  • Charles Seignolle - sets & props production supervisor
  • Matthieu Skrovec - layout production supervisor

Art Department 

  • Gregory Georges - color designer
  • Taylor Krahenbuhl - Character Designer
  • Silvia Martelossi - storyboard artist
  • Julien Perron - storyboard artist
  • Ray Xu - storyboard artist
  • Josh Zinman - storyboard artist

Sound Department 

  • Phil Brewster - mix tech: theatrical
  • Mario De Socio - ADR recordist
  • Robert Edwards - adr mixer
  • Shaun Farley - sound editor
  • Josh Gold - sound designer
  • Bill Higley - original dialogue mixer
  • Daniel Laurie - adr supervisor
  • Eric Laws - epk sound mixer
  • Dennis Leonard - supervising sound editor
  • Lucas Miller - sound effects editor
  • Michael Miller - original dialogue mixer
  • Justin Moshkevich - VO recording
  • David Peifer - digital editorial support
  • Juan Peralta - re-recording mixer
  • Gary A. Rizzo - re-recording mixer
  • Bruno Seznec - adr studio: cast - Matthew McConaughey
  • Carlos Sotolongo - original dialogue mixer
  • Jonathon Stevens - foley editor
  • Chris Whiteside - original dialogue mixer

Visual Effects by 

  • Richard Adenot - CG Supervisor
  • Xavier Bec - head of research & development
  • John R.A. Benson - stereoscopic supervisor
  • Noémie Cauvin - digital matte painter
  • Melissa Faucher - software engineer
  • Thomas Foncelle - lead render wrangler
  • Erwin Gresser - lead compositing artist
  • Catherine Catie Lee - lighting artist / senior lighting artist
  • Adrien Lourdelle - lead effects technical director
  • Eric Mauhourat - senior character technical director
  • Thomas Metais - lead research & development engineer
  • Sandrine Moniez - digital compositor
  • Brian Padilla - digital compositor
  • Pablo Penchansky - senior effects technical director
  • Massimiliano Piscozzi - senior research & development engineer
  • Eric Placoly - Senior Technical Director
  • Maxime Poron - digital compositor
  • Clement Rambach - senior research & development engineer
  • Milo Riccarand - fx supervisor
  • Arnaud Tisseyre - senior lighting artist
  • Thomas Vallentin - Technical Director
  • Christophe Verspieren - senior research & development engineer
  • Antoine Vigier - Set Modeling Lead

Animation Department 

  • Guillaume Arrighi - Layout Artist
  • Charlie Aufroy - animator
  • Arnaud Berthier - animator
  • Leonardo Cantú - animator
  • Hugues Daumail - layout artist
  • Patrick Delage - animation director
  • Tristan Even - animation fixing supervisor
  • Benjamin Faure - Lead animator
  • Andrea Ferrara - animator
  • Eric Guillon - character designer
  • David Hill - animator
  • Guy-Laurent Homsy - head of layout and cinematography
  • Mike Klim - animator
  • Viktor Lakisov - animation director: Asymmetric VFX
  • Vincent Lemaire - animator
  • Patricia Magniez - crowd animator
  • Boonya Neonaen - crowd animator
  • Maggie Sugar - background designer
  • Margaux Tamic - Character rigger

Casting Department 

  • Barbara Harris - adr voice casting

Editorial Department 

  • Fanny Bensussan - first assistant editor
  • Hunter Clancey - feature mastering, producer
  • Patrick Clancey - post finishing editor
  • Jason Hanel - colorist
  • Jitte Hoekstra - editor: tv spot
  • Michael Lucci - assistant editor
  • Sarah Musnitsky - assistant editor
  • Matthieu Skrovec - story and editorial production supervisor
  • Thomas Walters - associate editor

Music Department 

  • Alex Acuna - musician: percussion
  • Jimmie Allen - featured vocalist
  • Edward Atkatz - musician: percussion
  • Nelson Beato - featured vocalist
  • Josh Bedlion - featured vocalist
  • Madison Beer - featured vocalist
  • Emily Benford - featured vocalist
  • Daniel Bissell - featured vocalist
  • Eric Bradley - featured vocalist
  • Ben Bram - featured vocalist
  • Johnny Britt - featured vocalist
  • Jen Faith Brown - featured vocalist
  • Juliet Burks - featured vocalist
  • Britt Burton - featured vocalist
  • Joanna Bushnell - singer
  • Amick Byram - featured vocalist
  • Brynn Cartelli - featured vocalist
  • Alvin Chea - featured vocalist
  • Kenton Chen - featured vocalist
  • Jessica Childress - featured vocalist
  • Katie Colley - Soundtrack
  • Michael Connell - music editor
  • Jim Cornelison - featured vocalist
  • Randy Crenshaw - featured vocalist
  • Alberto Gabriel Cruz - score mix assistant
  • Wade Culbreath - musician: percussion
  • Alana Da Fonseca - featured vocalist
  • Lauren Daigle - featured vocalist
  • Tim Davis - featured vocalist
  • Eric Dawkins - featured vocalist
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  • George Doering - musician
  • Monique Donnelly - featured vocalist
  • Peter Erskine - musician
  • Allie Feder - featured vocalist
  • Fuzz Finnegan - featured vocalist
  • John Fluker - featured vocalist / singer
  • Jessica Freedman - featured vocalist
  • Arnold Livingston Geis - featured vocalist
  • Dylan Gentile - score vocalist
  • Kevin Globerman - digital score recordist
  • William Kenneth Goldman - featured vocalist / score vocalist
  • Mark Graham - arranger / head of music preparation
  • Kelci Hahn - singer
  • Missi Hale - featured vocalist
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  • Charles Martin Inouye - music editor
  • Laura Jackman - Featured Vocalist
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  • Harvey Mason Jr. - executive music producer / featured vocalist
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  • Maren Morris - featured vocalist
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  • Jessica Rau - Singer / featured vocalist
  • Erin Michael Rettig - scoring stage engineer
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Additional Crew 

  • David Arnau Barrufet - catalan dubbing consultant
  • Lawrence Bendelac - production accountant
  • Jacques Bled - senior executive: Illumination Mac Guff
  • Amélie Chicoye - IMG Projects Manager
  • Lexie Chu - production intern: story
  • Ali Claire - vp credits: Universal Pictures
  • Eric Coleman - creative consultant
  • Amy Colman - business affairs/legal
  • François de Chateleux - production coordinator
  • Anthony Machting - information technology
  • Justin McGoldrick - creative executive
  • Joy Poirel - Co-President of Production
  • Lenny Pomedio - video technical manager
  • Julien Sabourdin - Finance Director
  • Jason Tenandar - Production Coordinator: Editorial and Story

Production Companies

  • Illumination Entertainment (as A Chris Meledandri Production)
  • Universal Pictures (presents)


  • B&H Film Distribution (2021) (Ukraine) (theatrical)
  • Cinemundo (2021) (Portugal) (theatrical)
  • Toho-Towa (2021) (Japan) (theatrical)
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  • Sparx* Vietnam (additional CG animation by)
  • Sparx* (additional CG animation by)
  • Yggdrazil Group (additional CG animation by)

Other Companies

  • Back Lot Music (score album)
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The story of Movie Sing 2

I was the one sitting up there like well okay [Laughter] you know if you say so no man blame the studio who said you know what look we still have half a catalog of music that we that we paid for that these damn animals ain't saying yet get your goddamn ass back on that stage saying this song you goddamn right these animals gonna keep singing we paid for these man so now we have buster and his crew getting back together again man do they still have a song r 50 in their heart martin to say there's martin right there. 

let's take this oh we'll see let's go ahead and take a look at this trailer for saying two I haven't even heard one of my in over 15 years because I can't talk get off so as you can see people all these big voices are back Matthew McConaughey Reese Witherspoon Scarlett Johansson Taryn Edgerton since he's not in the king's men's movie that we had right here might as well make another card over here singing yeah bobby Cannavale tori kelly nick Crowe and other people like some new people in here Halsey Pharrell Williams is doing a new voice in here along with some other folks.

uh bobby cannibal is actually a new voice in him uh so for those of you who are not caught up on your saying history I'll give you a quick rundown of the plot that we have for this new one here so you got buster moon is back at square one you know he's doing this big show in his hometown and it's sold out every week and uh you know everybody loves. 

it but this time you know he's been he's he feels he feels real good about it he has a talent scout that's come out she watches and halfway through she says well you know what this bunch of hicks, yeah and oh your little show is cute yeah you know he runs out to say what's wrong bathrooms that way what's going on she's like hey look uh i know how to tell you this I'm just gonna be straightforward with you you ain't good okay not good enough you ain't good not in vegas good you know that just puts buster in the funk. 

he decides that hey you ain't gonna keep this koala down right here I believe in myself so after much determination and just lying his ass off yeah I know this famous rock star this reclusive rock reclusive rockstar has never mentioned my name before clay with Callaway yeah voiced by Bono that's a big reclusive lion yeah that's not him right there as a gorilla yo yeah but yeah also the person he has he's doing all his lying to the club owner is a gangster yeah. 

so he's doing all this lying about knowing a lion Clayton Callaway who's never met so now he has to try to like make this lie a truth if he wants to have this product that is being funded by this new producer oh and by the way, the new product that's putting the money in for this show he says uh yeah I'll do it as long as I get uh clay Callaway but if uh clay Callaway doesn't show up uh I'll kill you this opens okay so this movie right here already kind of got me wrong it opened up with a cover of prince princess let's go crazy and I'm when they start doing like hey hey hey what the hell you doing no no no look hey we don't start a movie with funny animals singing prince all right not even the chipmunks.

 maybe maybe later on in the movie after we got into a little bit we can start bringing in his purple majesty once i know you yeah exactly hey but but you don't do this kind of silly  right off the bat not with prince no i look like i did not appreciate that yo not one bit and hey i'll give it credit they actually i see where they chose it they're doing a a version of alice in wonderland so they chose let's go crazy because you know alice in wonderland and everybody's mad but then they started just forcing in songs like the weekend and i'm just like all right you know what i see what y'all are doing here y'all just y'all just y'all okay now we had this movie's just a cute-ass jukebox yeah that's what the first one was yeah so i don't think i'm gonna i don't think i'm gonna last long with this one right here it did kick in for me when we were talking about that talent searches they had they got this dog girl and when she looks at buster and just says you know what no you're not going to our version of las vegas because you suck you're not good. 

i have to honestly tell you i was like   you i was like nah i'm on bus just you know i was like ready i really was i was uh no no no no no no and then she said he's like no be honest and she said a lot of people say that they don't mean it she did she said but man she had attitude after that oh so much she had a complete attitude and i said you know what maybe i wouldn't have been so much into this movie but now i kind of take it personal i'm on buster's side i will tell you at that moment i did i didn't want to see him succeed man you know i want i i at that moment i was kind of rooting for them to i was to where i was invested in the movie uh i'm just gonna be you know just tell you right now no this is not a great film all right this is a sequel that's made to be a sequel i don't think i saw anything in here that said that it was from 100 pure inspiration all right so let me just put that out the way right now and this is geared towards kids so expect to hear overplayed pop hits you know i'm so sick and tired of hearing nothing against this girl she's talented but i'm so sick and tired of hearing bad guy from billy eilish out there in every.

 i just saw it in another movie recently yeah yeah i'm kind of tired of it y'all you know and and like i said you saw it in the trailer right here you know that's that they are finding moments it's not like they have moments of story where the song will fit no they have moments where we need to get this goddamn song in here so we're just gonna where we have with the story just shove it in there right now just have them sing out of nowhere oh i have been chicken i love it when you go crazy i'll tell you right now his big monkey ass getting up bouncing around this diner don't prove nothing like what are you doing she's like what is what is this well at least she wasn't like ooh even she was like i love that yo she's like i don't i don't know him which is a legit reaction [Laughter] he kidding at me that was one of those  moments where we just need to put this song in here somewhere yeah because the kids want to hear the pop sure i'm cool with that you know and it feels like you know there's a lot of this movie where it turns into an excuse for them to just sing these snippets of these songs these funny animals singing the snippets of these songs story starts to feel rushed you know they jimmy crystal oh okay yeah that's right that's right is what that that wolf's name that gangsta wolf over there jimmy chris jimmy crystal is a guy that they go to voiced by bobby cannavale and his city man even for a cartoon this is stupid all right they go to him and they just out of the blue they say they sing a song and the wolf is like wait wait a minute is one of them bottle songs from him singing the song.

he just sang the song there's been so many people done covers of songs in that stage that people are doing auditions for and he says wait a minute you sang that song you know him I mean maybe callaway has a tight grip on his copyright and nobody's able to even do covers maybe so it is like hey well you know what if you sing this song you must know him so I'll tell you what it was a million dollars to do the show I mean even for a cartoon it's like finance your whole show but you got to get him here man and any and by the way any rock star or performer.

 who would hear about anybody doing a show with their name headlining without their permission would say good luck with my lawyer you're my lawyer, yeah maybe I'm looking at this too hard because of talking wolf you know I don't know yeah yeah yeah I think you are kind of quick okay I just you just don't do you don't do business like that mark I feel like you sound like me now when I don't like something I'm going through the logistics and how legally this couldn't happen and what's the economy how can they make money off of this and you're like yes it's a goddamn cartoon with talking animals.

 I don't give a  no you don't do business like this and by the way, speaking of me being like you there better be an i'd better see a rectum or an anus on that wolf when he bends over it's one of my complaints about zootopia not enough but i'm seeing now me talking sounds like I'm nitpicking because I don't like it Nah man actually like the first film i started warming up to this, yeah yeah I did man I started like cause i started laughing early on because when they were when uh jimmy crystal was buzzing those people man off stage he ain't giving nobody a  chance man and listen he was right at first because these acts was terrible i know but then some of them were kind of good he was just like it was like the first it started out like look at this you know you already know that's going to be bad right. 

there they start out not even terrible these start out just okay yeah what do you want from me what did you see now your ass got to go all right that that's that's not saying you're not telling me yeah but people don't want to see this that's a no that's a no for me dog [Laughter] man that was funny i was laughing and then i started even laughing hard because people came up who were good and then even if they the movie even made you think like oh that's gonna be the one and i love that part really it's like man so how's like he's just mad he had to show up ain't nobody getting a break today but then uh that part was funny and when they started putting together this show that no one should be putting together just based on a name martin but when they start putting that show together i started thinking man i love the chaos behind them trying to put this show together it started feeling like the muppet show mm-hmm a little bit to me when they were trying to put that so you know i kind of like that man i like oh and you appreciate this i like how quickly things got dangerous when they pulled like out of nowhere they this uh this wolf uh jimmy crit crystal played by bobby. 

Carnivale that turned into suge knight I was just gonna say that yeah the people the Italians shook knight real quick when somebody when he didn't get the way he dangled people over about he threatened to kill people he had his goons coming up with no second thought about it I was like holy it escalated quick and what I liked about it is that poor little uh uh buster bust the moon who's voiced by Matthew McConaughey he's like I gotta get the town he was running dude he said the man the hell with this show pack you're we gotta get out of here he had his ass man he had his ass hide and he was scared uh you remember that scene when he hit that suitcase [Laughter] he ran right past everybody like pack your we're getting out of here we're leaving town tonight. 

I said man that is funny well even he locks him in a room and says you stay there till I get back so I can kill you then I'm gonna finish oh I love it man some scenes conflict with each other that is seen like they're forced I'm sorry they forced conflict like um Johnny who's voiced by uh wasn't he uh Edgerton oh yeah Taryn Edgerton yeah Karen Edgerton uh johnny has this whole thing going on with some dance instructor and that that just kind of seemed a little forced in the movie for me well it's a sequel it's a thing where we have a story but we got to make up stuff for other people to do who were main characters before that though that is wow you man i first noticed that with ice age 2 within with the saber-tooth tiger-like well um. 

he's afraid of water how about that yeah no you nailed it wow I didn't even think of it like that yeah they just give them something to do just so that he can be in the movie yeah uh but I don't think that how I mean you know this whole jukebox musical thing that's just kind of taken over the world it's like man it's everywhere you can't escape it started with American idol then the voice and now the mass singer and every time i look up there's some new show it's all about people singing karaoke becoming stars I'm singing karaoke um and then like yeah with that first one just like okay now we got cute animals who are just gonna sing karaoke for two hours oh. 

we'll have a story where some of them are insecure and they got to get past that yeah like over it like all these animals are insecure goddamn yeah so to come back to it with this one i was like all right well now you'll actually have a story there is an actual threat it's not it's not i gotta get over myself i gotta get over my insecurity or that it's a listen uh you gotta make this happen or people are going to die or oh yeah or you know worse um and this time i like the songs better as a matter of fact this whole show they were putting on actually i was dick i was actually you know despite myself getting into the story liking bobby camavale matthew mcconaughey does a really good job here because you don't even recognize i liked him from the first movie yeah yeah that was one of the things i liked in the first movie um it's the um his assistant the lizard woman who is voiced by the director all those gags today with her had me laughing out loud i was like how are they doing this because this kind of physical stuff i go like oh that's childish but they had some really funny stuff she freaked me out because they do a lot of jokes with our eyes with her glass eyes yeah. 

her eyes eye socket it is like but i did i really like those jokes yeah they had a lot of good jokes and then they started putting the show together and i was like goddamn you know what i kind of dig the show they're doing even the other subplot of that, okay the mobster's daughter is insisting on being in the show yeah the boy's about halsey, yeah and she can sing but she can't actually care about trying to act like oh so that's a whole other thing is like wow she is right there i got to get this reclusive rock star that i lied about and I got to figure out what to do with this guy's daughter and uh yeah i i thought i had a bunch of things going on I likes this a lot better than the first one yeah i mean i was shocked i was like wow i am trying to be a curmudgeon but I'm actually really having a good time with this, yeah i don't i still don't think it's a great movie because it's not a great movie it doesn't go for anything higher but from where it was. 

i was like you know what it's it's very entertaining the jokes are genuinely funny and the musical numbers I'm like I'm kind of into them it's if anything it'd probably be less than the first movie for me just because like i said i don't i felt like more of a sequel with this than actual storyline but I did I still liked it i mean it had everything in this movie that i liked from the first one and also I like some of the addition of the new voices uh Bono as clay Callaway yeah uh i'll tell you, man, i didn't recognize bono doing that voice right and the man you know what it was just cool being reminded seriously for all the people who can't stand Bono because i know he's a little obnoxious showing up with his beat glasses all the time man those old YouTubers oh yeah amazing oh they are they really are like Bono is an amazing songwriter and just listening to it. 

i was just like man I want to listen to some old users i know i know it does and you know that's a success something like this should put you in that mood where you're like hey i want to pull out those old records, yeah but i like all these characters coming together again a lot of them are not given the same amount of time to do anything you can tell us filler i felt more in the first one with this one like dude get your big ass off and just do what you're supposed to do exactly you're still going like i don't know i'm insecure like look everybody else is doing it just just just go along with it ain't shaking and big ass out there but i do like his uncles oh yeah his uncle. 

yeah, I love the way you do whenever go there you always call this thug ass uncles lay some down uh i do like the i like the design as much as i did in the first movie because i think there's just so much variety in not only the main characters but also the background characters and i really like the way these characters like what i like about that show they're putting together is uh is that it's chaos like the muppet show but after a point, they all have to come together to make it happen i thought the characters worked well together they did they work well together the chaos was fun the actual finished product of the show i was like you know if i went to vegas and paid for a show and got this i'd i'd be satisfied i don't know if i enjoy it as much as the first movie but they're almost a par in a way if i enjoyed it less it's just slightly less it's not a great movie.

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Your Song Saved My Life U2 3:31
Let's Go Crazy Tori KellyTaron EgertonReese WitherspoonNick Kroll 3:09
Can't Feel My Face Kiana Ledé 3:21
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John 3:13
Heads Will Roll Scarlett Johansson 3:37
Holes Mercury Rev 4:10
Bad Guy Billie Eilish 3:14
Sing 2 Audition Medley Sing 2 Cast 1:47
Where the Streets Have No Name KellyEgertonJohanssonWitherspoonKroll 2:36
Higher Love KygoWhitney Houston 3:48
There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back KellyEgerton 3:23
Suéltate Sam iAnittaBiaJarina De Marco 3:30
Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of Johansson 3:39
Soy Yo Bomba Estéreo 2:57
A Sky Full of Stars Egerton 3:27
Could Have Been Me Halsey 2:29
I Say a Little Prayer KellyPharrell Williams 2:10
Break Free WitherspoonKroll 1:35
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For JohanssonBono 3:01
Tippy Toes Adam BuxtonFancy FeelingsDSCOSTU 2:08
Christmas Keke PalmerKellyEgertonWitherspoonJohansson 2:36

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  • Porsha is such an adorable character, wolves have always been one of my favourite animals, and she has an amazing singing voice, she may seem spoiled there but judging from the latest trailer I saw, she seems to become friends with Buster Moon, possibly a sign of character development, just a hunch.
  •  hope she has character development. I can't stand the spoiled, bratty teen part of her, but she's like a completely different person when she's singing. Brimming with talent, passion, and soul.
  • Does anyone else notice Rosita's husband looking angrily at Porsha? He must have felt like she stole the moment from Rosita, which by the looks of things, she kind of did. Looking forward to seeing the full film!
  • She’s adorable and has a great singing voice! I love wolves, they’re one of my favorite animals. I like how she’s kind of a spoiled kid, but has a fun carefree personality. I bet she’s gonna have a great character development.
  • I was a little antsy at first, given that this is Halsey’s first acting credit; but they totally nailed it.
  • Also, while I’m here, why did nobody tell me how great of a singer they are?! (You’ll have to forgive me. I don’t listen to the radio a lot anymore.)

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  • The new CEO of Twitter is Parag Agrawal — a technologist who, until today, in Second Weekend as 'Sing 2' and 'Matrix 4' Battle for No. 2.
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